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With the 2014 summer golf season approaching, it's time to join Red River Junior Golf.

The membership fee is $20.00 for 18 hole golfers and $10.00 for 9 hole golfers, with a maximum of $30.00 per family. The membership will allow you to participate in all our local tournaments.

There will be a $10.00 fee for all participants that play 18 holes. Participants that play 9 holes will pay $5.00.

Golfers must be signed in by schedule time.

Please bring your own cameras for pictures, but do not take pictures as to interrupt golfers. Have their permission.

Rental carts are available at most of the courses. Please check in with the pro-shops for their rates and availability.

Courses are at their own discretion for food and drinks. Please be prepared for any cost.

Please print and fill out the application, the parent release form, and mail your check to the address below or bring it to the first tournament you participate in.

P.O. BOX 694
HUGO, OK 74743

Contact: Rick or Jan Hunter 580-326-6549

This is a not-for-profit organization, with the goal in mind to promote golf in the Red River area for our youth. We want to encourage education in our youth by giving out scholarships to our graduating seniors. We encourage all to participate, enjoy the game of golf, while making new friends and competing in a friendly atmosphere. We encourage parents to attend, caddie (for ages permitted), and enjoy their child participating in a great game. It is our goal to create a fun-filled atmosphere each week.

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